"I heard your interview on Bloomberg (Satellite radio). I purchased your book at a local Borders and was very impressed. I am a fledgling short-end trader and found your comments to be most insightful. We're looking into purchasing your reports. Thanks again!"

Thanks, Stephanie

:: Questions & Answers

Q. Is Behavioral Trading published in languages other than English?

A. No, Behavioral Trading is currently only published in English.

Q. How is the Behavioral Trading report delivered?

A. The Behavioral Trading report is posted to our website and can be accessed with your username and password.

Q. Upon subscription to Behavioral Trading, how long before I receive my username and password?

A. Shortly after subscribing, you will receive an email with your username and password.

Q. Once I'm a subscriber, how do I know when a new monthly report has been posted to the website?

A. An email is sent to all subscribers once any research has been posted.

Q. How often is the Behavioral Trading report published?

A. The Behavioral Trading report is published monthly. The report is delivered around the first day of each month.

Q. Does Behavioral Trading have updates?

A. Occasionally there is an update depending on current market conditions

Q. Can I sign up for a free trial of Behavioral Trading?

A. No, we do not offer free trials, however we do have some sample Behavioral Trading reports on the website.

Q. Do you respond to specific market questions from subscribers?

A. While we read every email we receive, Behavioral Trading cannot provide personal investment or stock trading advice, nor can we provide personal buy, sell or hold recommendations.

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